Hurry Up And Wait

  • Guantanamo Bay detainees face delays and more delays due to lack of lawyers and various legal complications. [New York Times]
  • Also facing delays: our nation's air travelers, now that the FAA is making sure airplanes are actually getting inspected. [New York Times]
  • Bush has decided to reduce soldiers' romantic tours of duty in Iraq from 15 months to 12. [Washington Post]
  • Palestinians believe an ostensibly pro-Israeli Barack Obama might have a little secret love for them, too. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Yahoo may be partnering with AOL to fend off an acquisition bid by Microsoft; in the meantime, Microsoft is talking with News Corp. about mounting a joint bid for Yahoo. [Wall Street Journal]
  • With climate-change believer John McCain the presumptive next head of the Republican party, Republicans may have to acknowledge this "global warming" thing is not a hoax. [The Hill]

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