Hutchison's Web Site Contained SECRET WORDS (Hint: 'Gay') About Texas Gov

See, this is why we haven't kicked Texas out of the union (yet): because sometimes Texans do funny things for us to laugh at. For example: unofficial Republican gubernatorial candidate Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison hasa web site that contained tasty little hidden phrases like "rick perry gay" that Governor Rick Perry's people did not like so much.

From national pornography 'zine the AP:

Gov. Rick Perry's campaign is accusing the Hutchison team of being slanderous and of setting a negative and divisive tone.

[...] Hutchison spokesman Jeff Sadosky said Hutchison's campaign was not condoning those words and did not know thousands of people would be searching for them. He said they would be removed from the site.

Yes, who knew that there was any discussion at all, on the Internet, regarding what type of human Rick Perry liked to fuck?

The Hutchison campaign says they bought some dumb search engine optimization tool that embedded certain oft-searched phrases in their site's source code so that they could better target their advertising, not so that they could spread secret rumors about Rick Perry's sex life. Which, apparently, is something that people using popular search engines are interested in!

Anyway, the dirty hidden words have been removed, so nobody will ever associate Rick Perry and gayness ever again.

UPDATED: Hutchison site is loaded with hidden phrases—including two “Perry gay” references, which the campaign says it’s removing [Austin American-Statesman]

Hidden phrases on Hutchison’s site, below [Austin American-Statesman]

Texas Governor Rick Perry Accuses Opponent of Slander, Including Hidden Phrases on Web Site [AP]


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