Hygiene From The Wild West That Should Be Forgotten! Tabs, Mon., Oct. 4, 2021

Hygiene From The Wild West That Should Be Forgotten! Tabs, Mon., Oct. 4, 2021

Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

Corey Lewandowski is very yucky. (Daily Mail)

I mean, I disagree, but it's worth a pondering and has some few good points. Why we should not actually loathe Joe Manchin, we should ... thank him?! instead. (Tim Miller at the Bulwark)

Note that nobody thinks we should be thanking Josh Gottheimer. — Dan Pfeiffer, Message Box

Steve Bannon thinks they should fuck things up more next time. Can't wait. — NBC News

How many guns did the insurrectionists have on 1/6? Some. Some guns. (Mother Jones)

Ryan Faircloth, 30, was arrested for an "arson incident" of the local Austin Democratic Party after he broke a window with a rock and then followed it with a Molotov cocktail. Bar folk from across the street put the fire out. (Love you bar folk!) His bail is set at $40,000, which seems low for domestic terrorism, but local police explained he was "not happy" with the current political climate, so I guess that's okay. (Austin CBS)

Shy was in the newspaper! I think you can't read it unless you subscribe! It was about how he is homeschooling the girls because the GOTDAMN SCHOOL DISTRICT WON'T REQUIRE MASKS. Luckily, the Montana state superintendent of schools is on the case ... by appearing at anti-mask rallies in support. (Missoulian)

The Koch-funded "Independent" Women's Forum is astroturfing the anti-mask campaigns. — Washington Post

The Christian nationalists gonna take over all the schoolboards so you can't teach "racism exists" but can teach "praise Jesus." Time to keep homeschooling the girls, Shy! — Flux

I have never wanted one of these goddamn robot spies in my home, but then they went and put a face on it. Vice says: STILL SUX.

Five ways rewilding helps the climate emergency. — Rewilding Britain

Well, it's not "Marcia Fudge as Ag secretary," but I will take these Black women leading policy on agriculture for their states. — Civil Eats

Some food shortages this fall, but not like PANIC just like ORDER AHEAD. Maybe. (Food and Wine)

Boris Johnson says you're on your own.

If you want to sign up for toilet paper by mail, an A+ ecologically from the National Resources Defense Council, and you use my link, you will get $10 off and so will I. We are very happy with it, and it's packaged so prettily in not-plastic that Shy made a pyramid of happy rolls on our toilet. (Who Gives A Crap)

Goodbye to Dax, a dignified gentleman, and a scholar.

Lotus, Dax, Lucy, and Emma

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