Hypocrite Mark Penn Talks Colombian Trade On The Down Low

God we need a new picture of this guyFor a few sad weeks in March, beloved Clinton advisor Mark Penn mysteriously disappeared. We expected Hillary was loaning herself another $5 million to keep Penn chained up someplace quiet with a large collection of porn and snack foods. But in fact new reports tell us he has been meeting with the Colombian ambassador to discuss a bilateral free-trade agreement ... which his boss Hillary Clinton opposes. Next thing you know he will be meeting with the CANADIANS to talk about how much he secretly loves Nafta.

Penn says his meeting "was an error in judgment that will not be repeated." Really he has nothing to be sorry for, because he was meeting with Colombia as a representative of his communications firm, Burson Marsteller Worldwide, not as a Clintonite. That is why we look forward to his returning to talks with the good ambassador as an official Clinton adviser and yelling vociferously about what a crock this bilateral agreement is.

Clinton Aide Met on Trade Deal [Wall Street Journal]

'An error in judgment' [FirstRead]


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