I Am Curious Butterstick

plug.jpgAn anonymous tipster reports to us today, "As much as I hate to shame him...Butterstick is into kink." Whoo! One of us! One of us!

The tipster, who included the picture above, reports: "Spotted at the panda habitat this morning, playing with what appears to be a sex toy - I've seen these 'toys' sold in this size at the annual Leather/S&M Expo at the Washington Plaza Hotel." Well, haven't we all!

It is, of course, entirely possible that introducing this sort of object into his environment is a zoologically sound and sanctioned method to encourage the little guy to explore his primal urges. Or, it could be FONZ courting the Washington Blade -- as of right now, the panda is the only lubricated stick in town that hasn't rated a single column inch in their pages. Whatever the reason, we're just glad the zoo is putting things in the Stick's cage that doesn't poison and kill him.

If anyone can corroborate this account, by all means, hit us up.

UPDATE: It's been pointed out that the toy in question is actually something called a "Kong", a highly mainstream, perfectly natural and god-fearing pet toy. Nevertheless, we do have some photographic evidence that the Stick knows what to do with it, available after the jump:


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