I appreciate that Mike Huckabee is open about his desire to change the Constitution to better reflect "the word of the living God." Because, really, not many of his constitutional amendmendofascists compatriots are nearly as open about their desires. He's not a fan of the whole separation-of-church-and-state thing here, he's really just out to make sure that the laws reflect his religion's view of society and he doesn't give a crap who knows it. It's not like he's playing like the intelligent design people that it isn't about God or something, he's saying my Jeebus wants what he wants and I know what he wants and I'm going to do that, and I appreciate it, Mike, because moving to a foreign country takes more planning than just November through January.

Because, really, when the constitutional amendmendofascists came for my alcohol, well, my parents weren't even born yet and they reversed themselves so it was hard to mind at the time but I am kind of pissed about it now because it was an effort by a bunch of Bible-thumpers to force the rest of us to abide by their religious strictures. And the anti-abortion people have been fighting for my uterus (which, frankly, today they can have but I want it back in 72 hours when it stops cramping, thanks) since before it was even really functional, so it's not surprising but I'm kind of pissed that they won't shut up that they know what best for us two. And then they started going after gay people that want to get married which annoys me even as it doesn't affect me directly because it's all part of the same "we know the Jesus and will follow him" bullshit that makes them think they are better guardians of my cells than me, which would be fine if they were talking about my liver, but they aren't. And so I'm relatively happy that Mike is basically like, I intend to make the United States a virtual theocracy by amending the Constitution to reflect the motherfucking word of God because I've read The Handmaid's Tale, thanks, and I'm out of here the second that starts looking too prescient.


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