'I Bet Some of Rudy's Ex-Wives Have Cancer'

sorry - WonketteWhat if we did something that was too tasteless for the front page? Would you click or just be mature and walk away from the computer.

Well, would you ... punk?

jfruh: maybe someone else's wife will get cancer

you can get two items out of that, easy

klayne: i bet some of rudy's ex-wives have cancer!

or aids or something

jfruh: all the candidates are now begging their wives to contract something inspiring

klayne: cindy mccain is going to be POISONED WITH RADIATION

jfruh: mitt romney's 8 wives will all come down with the Plague and hep c

klayne: seriously, this is the biggest boost to edwards' campaign yet ...

jfruh: sad but true

but he got her to the doctor in time WITH HIS MAGICAL HUGGING, ken

once elected, he will hug all of america

klayne: she's gonna die right before super primary day and the Lovable Widower will get the nomination ... he'll hug us all, like it or not!

jfruh: then she will die and he will be the world's most eligible bachelor as president


klayne: exactly! teevee audiences will pick his new wife from a group of 25 top models

jfruh: ha

ok, i gotta go shower the filth of this whole thing off now

enjoy your afternoon

klayne: see you tomorrow, when obama fakes having MS

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