I Don't Like The Druggies But The Druggies Like Me

joshrales.jpgWhat the fuck is it with Maryland's Senate race? Eastern European mail-order brides, phantom Oreos, Kweisi Mfume, and now drug addicts as political props. Can't you people just elect another dull, economy-throttling Democrat already so we can talk about something else?

It turns out that Democrat Josh Rales, last seen beating Tony Robbins over the head with a sack of quarters and stealing his capped teeth, "paid a drug-treatment center in Baltimore to drive its recovering addicts to last week's debate in College Park, where they held signs supporting his campaign." The candidate's comment is a gem:

"If I can help people who have some drug issues... participate in the democratic process, I think that's great," he said.
He then grabbed a Costco tub of Crest and slathered the white gunk across his chompers like Apache war paint.

Rales uses addicts at rally [The Washington Times]

-- David Weigel


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