Share Some Greased Tea With Me, Everyday Is Silent and Grey


  • Teabaggers have shown great maturity by threatening the lives and vandalizing the homes and offices of Democratic lawmakers who voted for the Health Care Reform. [New York Times]
  • Happy Thursday, gay soldiers! Defense Secretary Robert Gates will announce today that the Pentagon is basically going to let you be gay until Congress gets around to making it official, that you can be gay while getting sent to Afghanistan or Iraq or wherever to be blown up, for Liberty. [Washington Post]
  • Saudi Arabia is cautiously trying the interesting new idea of letting women have jobs outside the home. Is there even a name for this? [Bloomberg]
  • Republican senators tried every dumb thing they could think of -- including holding their breath and peeing in their panties -- to block or ruin the Senate's version of the Health Care Reform Bill, but nothing worked and they just look like even bigger assholes and failures than they did Sunday. [CNN]
  • The Tea Party may succeed after all: A new poll shows teabaggers running for Congress will cancel out the Republican votes, making Democrats win every race ... even though Republicans have a slight national lead in the polls today. [Reuters]

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