I Guess We Should Talk About Mickey Kaus Blowing Goats Now

kausgoat.jpgYesterday afternoon, Atlantic's coolish blogger extroadinaire Matthew Yglesias posted angrily about Mickey Kaus' insistence on the John Edwards-Hippie affair rumors even though there's nothing really to them (we think! who knows!) Then, some commenter posted this Wonkettish bit: "Hey, you know what I hear, Mickey Kaus likes to fuck goats," which led to something of an avalanche of goat-fucking accusations which Kaus has yet do deny. Although people always call Wonkette the filthy blog, MyDD, Kos, Atrios and alla them are having the most fun day ever with this. After the jump, grisly details of Kausgoat-gate from the Yglesias comment board.

* "How can we withhold our compassion for the man in love with a beautiful, horizontally-pupiled young buck who waves his erect tail like a hairy flag in the teeth of a gale of social disapproval?"

* "Now, to be fair, someone should at least do the courtesy of interviewing Mr. Kaus so that he can attempt a plausible denial of goat-blowing and post it on youtube. It's the right thing to do."

* "All that may be true, but I don't see how anything you said casts any doubt at all on the recent scandalous revelations about Mickey Kaus and his penchant for smoking goat cock."

* "(in the voice of Hans Moleman): I was the goat."

* "Google search "kaus goats". 38,000 hits. Just sayin'. Where there's smoke, there's fire. Maybe we can get Kaus a date with Mr Tumnus."

What's the big deal? We just always assumed he blew goats.

The Epistomology of Kausfiles [Matthew Yglesias]


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