'I Hate Banks,' the New National Anthem (From 1986)


People have been speaking to your editor about the prophetic words of the Reverend Mojo Nixon, particularly this song -- recorded live with Skid Roper in a St. Louis club back when Ronald Reagan was still technically alive. So here it is, Ocupados, "I Hate Banks," the legendary Wobblies campfire anthem from the 1980s.

And here is Mojo Nixon's platform, as heard on the radio by some guy videotaping the road:

Join a Credit Union today, or just keep your money in a mason jar. (It will take about three hours of Awfulness to change over all your bill pay/debit card online stuff, which is intentional, but then you're done giving money to the banks. Ask your new credit union if they'll HELP switch over all your old nonsense. Sometimes they will do this. Hooray for Freedoms!


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