ICE Thug Breaks A Lawyer's Foot; Kamala Harris Wants To Break Foot Off In ICE's Ass

An immigration lawyer, Andrea Martinez, was busy doing her job of reuniting a mother and child who had been separated, when something slightly unexpected happened. Rather than being a facilitator of the happy reunion of a poor immigrant family, she became the victim of ICE thuggery and got her leg broken for her trouble. Now, most times ICE officials, like cops, are smart enough not to abuse people who actually will be believed when they report them. But this particular asshole not only broke her fucking leg, he also held her hostage in a detainment room for nearly an hour without medical treatment. Why? Because he fucking can, that's why. Shut up, snowflake.

From The Daily Beast:

"He slammed the door on us," Martinez said. "The ICE officer pushed us out and didn't let us follow our three-year-old client into the lobby, and then pushed me to the ground. I was wearing high heels, so that's when my foot was fractured and my leg got all bloody. And then my pants ripped. But then he called me back in and detained me for another forty minutes or an hour."

Okay, so not only did he push her down like a common refugee, but then he decided that it was obviously not enough to cause her pain; he needed to use his power to detain to make her suffer for making him hurt her, right? I was under the impression that law enforcement was obligated to send for medical assistance if they injured you, unless you were black. The rules change so often it's hard to keep up.

"He locked me in an office where I couldn't get out and he didn't let me call 9-1-1 or use the phone or anything," Martinez continued. "And I told him, 'I'm bleeding, I'm bleeding, can you at least get me a first aid kit?' And he said, 'No, it's not severe enough.' And then my foot started swelling."

Hi. Anyone else seeing this for the hostage situation is actually is? If they would treat an actual attorney like that, I am HORRIFIED at all of the horrible shit I'm imagining them doing to refugees who are too scared to complain. Not only did they abuse this woman, they also separated her from her minor client, left her bleeding, and what was his main concern do you think? Her welfare? No, of course not!! Like most totally innocent people who are doing nothing wrong at all, he was concerned that she might be recording him.

"Martinez said in a statement the ICE officer called the Federal Protective Service and "continually looked at my phone to make sure I wasn't recording him."

Totally normal behavior. Please stop being so rude and calling him a fascist thug, y'all, and try to be civil about this totally normal shit that is now our reality. Yelling about abuse just makes you look unfriendly. Smile at your oppressors! Or else!!

ICE officials gave a statement about it which is absolutely not one bit informative, clears nothing up, and will not make you feel one iota better:

"Early in the morning of June 26 an incident occurred at the Kansas City ICE office while ICE ERO officers were attempting to reunite a mother with a family member. We take any allegations against ICE personnel very seriously and are looking into the matter. Until a review of the documentary evidence is completed, ICE can issue no further public comment on the matter."

Uh, huh. Sure. We will be waiting with bated breath to see you conclude that she threw herself in front of the door and he was really super awesome about the whole thing and watch you give him a medal for his valor.

On the one hand; ICE is literally out of control and acting like wild fascists. On the other hand, we have Democrats who are taking up the issue of whether ICE should even exist. Kamala Harris is really getting suspicious of the role ICE plays in our society and thinks that perhaps it might be time to reevaluate this agency and reform that shit or start from scratch.

From Huffington Post:

"There's no question that we've got to critically reexamine ICE and its role, and the way that it is being administered, and the work it is doing," Harris said on NBC's "Meet the Press" on Sunday. "And we need to probably think about starting from scratch."

She's not the first Democrat finally accepting the fact that although ICE exists and plays a role in our society, we don't actually need it to survive, especially since we don't actually like the role they play. And for all of the idiots who think our nation will fall apart if we don't have Runaway Refugee Catchers, I beg you to shut your piehole and realize that ICE is only 15 years old, and if it were a poor child the GOP would have cut its welfare off years ago for being a greedy taker. For now, we will simply wonder when this hell on earth will end and ponder important philosophical questions like "Do immigrant cages come with bootstraps?" while waiting for the apocalypse.

[The Daily Beast/Huffington Post/Wikipedia]

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