Ice Queen Dana Perino Dismisses Vaguely Legal Question With 'I'm Not a Lawyer'

It's been a while since we last checked in on White House press secretary Dana Perino, America's greatest asset. Do you think she's learned what the Cuban Missile Crisis was since then? Probably not, since she is not smart. Yesterday's press briefing took on the FISA surveillance extension -- the one that those House Democrats refuse to make exactly into what George W. Bush wants, the traitors. Someone asked Dana if the Republicans were maybe going overboard by saying the Democrats' stubbornness puts America at grave risk, since intelligence agencies can still "spy" and then get retroactive warrants. Dana responds that she knows nothing about the law.

There are more goodies here, but we'll run with the nice highlight reel Think Progress has already put together:

QUESTION: Is it not the case, as the writers of the op-ed in today's Post claim, that the law protects all of this until August?

PERINO: It's a little bit more complex than that. [...]

QUESTION: Dana, to be clear, don't you still -- you can still pursue that information, go after it, as long as you come back within three days and get a warrant under FISA, correct? I mean -

PERINO: I'm not a lawyer. [...]

QUESTION: If this is such a big deal, why didn't the president accept another extension? ... The president made clear he wouldn't accept it.

PERINO: Well, that's true, but they wouldn't have been able to pass it anyway.

Oh, the pretties. They play dumb and we just gaze...

Perino Attempts To Defend Wiretapping Spin, Eventually Admits 'I'm Not A Lawyer' [Think Progress]

February 25 Press Briefing [White House]


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