Idaho Anti-Vaxxer Mom Is The Rosa Parks Of Exposing Children To Deadly Viruses
Video screenshot from Twitter

An Idaho woman active in anti-vaxxer groups was arrested Tuesday after taking part in a "playdate protest" along with several other parents and children at a park in the Boise-area city of Meridian. It's not clear how many families participated, along with the woman, Sarah Brady (we assume no relation), but video posted to Reddit shows maybe a couple dozen kids and adults chanting "Give us back our park!" while standing close together, with no masks, because of course not, they do not live in fear. Here's one video excerpt floating around the Twitters, come see the violence inherent in the system!

Boise State Public Radio offered some context, pointing out that a now-removed Facebook video taken by another protester showed police had

asked Brady and others gathered at the playground several times to leave. After telling the officer to arrest her, she turned her back to him while putting her hands behind her.

"Do it," she said [...]

Brady was booked into the Ada County Jail Tuesday evening. Technically, it wasn't for violating the governor's order, but instead for trespassing on a closed playground. Both crimes carry a maximum penalty of six months in jail and/or a $1,000 fine.

A local prosecutor will determine if any charges will be filed.

Funny thing: The full video, showing the police attempting to disperse the crowd before finally arresting Brady as she requested, has been taken down, but excerpts showing her being led away are all over social media. Children's play dates, Mandrake!

Update! Alert reader "4NTIF4C4T" pointed out this video of Brady daring the officers to arrest her.

The phrase "playdate protest" comes from a blog post by the Idaho Freedom Foundation, one of the rightwing astroturf organizations that put together Ammon Bundy's Easter Virus Transmission Jamboree and last week's Idaho Capitol demonstration against the state's stay at home order. The Freedom Foundation itself is all up in rightwing networks like the State Policy Network, and it gets funding from the rightwing dark-money machines Donors Trust and the Koch brothers, according to SourceWatch.

Boise State Public Radio noted that Brady is "affiliated with the anti-vaccine groups Idahoans for Vaccine Freedom and Health Freedom Idaho"; the former is less an organization than a Facebook group Brady runs, but "Health Freedom Idaho" was, along with the Idaho Freedom Foundation and the "Idaho Second Amendment Alliance," one of the organizers of that Let Us Infect Idaho protest at the Capitol. The "Health Freedom" outfit has been involved in protesting updates to Idaho's vaccination requirements for school attendance, and even managed to get labeled an astroturf group by the "Idaho Conservatives" blog. Well done!

Following Brady's arrest, a bunch of wingnuts showed up at Meridian City Hall to protest the outrageous curb-stomping of liberty. To its credit, local station KIVI said the protests — both at the park and at the City Hall — "appeared to be a series of planned events" on the part of the Freedom Foundation, "aimed at provoking the state's enforcement" of Gov. Brad Little's stay at home order.

Protesters block Meridian Road after playground trespassing arrest

No arrests were made at the City Hall protest, but police did ask the protesters not to block the road, which just proves America is now a fascist communist socialist Nazi state where the Constitution has been suspended.

Brady's arrest appears to be the first time Idaho police have actually taken anyone into custody following the social distancing order, although in the northern Idaho town of Rathdrum, a woman was given a citation Friday when she refused to shut down a yard sale that had been going on for over a week. Again, in that case, the lady was only cited after multiple requests by the cops to close the yard sale. The couple contended they weren't holding a yard sale at all, but were in fact merely sorting out the lady's late father's belongings in the front yard, and maybe now and then selling stuff to passersby who saw "Yard Sale" signs and somehow got the impression there was a yard sale, which there was not.

Police, however, said they first told the homeowners that their yard sale was in violation of Gov. Brad Little's stay-at-home order and gave her a copy of it, according to police. The next day, a second officer reported that the homeowner said she would remove the yard sale signs, saying she was "only sorting items in the yard," police said.

Three days later, on April 17, the homeowners posted to Craig's List that they were having a yard sale, Rathdrum police said. An officer then issued them a written warning, according to officials.

Police returned to the home and found "a large quantity of items were still out in the front yard and sales transactions were occurring while police were present. The Rathdrum Police Department attempted to educate and warn prior to issuing a citation."

Police said they received "several complaints from the public" about the yard sale.

Such tyranny! And just like in Nazi Germany, the tyrants have convinced people to rat out their neighbors to the stormtroopers!

The rightwing internet is really upset about the horrors being perpetrated upon ordinary families who simply want to go to a closed park, tear down the yellow police tape, and let their children play in the sunshine and maybe catch a deadly virus as a form of civil disobedience. The however-many paid bloggers at Twitchy wailed, "What are we even doing? Cops escalated this and gave her EXACTLY what she wanted, which will now have the opposite effect on what the governor intended," and said of the yard sale, "In Idaho, you can't sell stuff to feed your family. This is not America." Replies to the tweet showing the arrest routinely said patriots wouldn't stand for such oppression and may have to take up armed resistance.

Noted epidemiologist Dana Loesch was outraged, too, predicting that all the reasonable people who happen to be organizing demonstrations against public health will soon be pushed too far.

Won't someone think of the ordinary moms who just want to let their kids play in the sun?

Look, we respect the tradition of civil disobedience, even for a stupid cause like this. But could these rightwing dipshits at least acknowledge this was an organized protest, not mean brutal cops going after parents who were just casually enjoying a nice day?

In other news, unarmed black children are still subject to being shot on sight across America.

[Boise State Public Radio / Idaho Statesman / Idaho Statesman / KIVI / Twitchy]

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