Idaho 'Pro-Life' Republican Casually Wonders Why No One Has Nuked Planned Parenthood


The grand irony of "pro-lifers" in America, is that over the years, many of them have turned to killing and injuring people to spread their message that "killing" clumps of cells is wrong.

At a recent town hall in Hayden, Idaho, Rep. Vito Barbieri (R-Dalton Gardens), wondered out loud, in a room full of people, why no one had nuked the Planned Parenthood on State Street, in Boise. Apart from the fact that it is very unlikely that the Army of God has access to nuclear weapons.

Which, just for the record, is a thing we should probably all be very grateful for.

Via the Idaho Statesman:

"I believe America is going to be judged for what we've done to the unborn," [Rep. Ron] Mendive said. "What stuns me about all of this is that we're still here, because I don't understand why we are because of what we've done (through the) abortion history."

Barbieri said there's "a schism now in the pro-life movement" in the Idaho Legislature. Some legislators believe a complete ban on abortion is necessary, but Barbieri said it's impossible to get bills proposing that through the Legislature. Idaho lawmakers have declined to enact legislation in recent years that could potentially open the door to prosecution for those performing or undergoing abortions.

"There are problems with charging the mother, there are problems with charging the doctor," Barbieri said. "Certainly, it's murder."

He then said he wanted to "allude to Rep. Mendive's comment" about judgment.

"To quote someone down there ... I don't know why Planned Parenthood hasn't been nuked off of State Street," Barbieri said. "I don't know why America has not been judged — if you can say that we're not being judged now — for the ... 42 million babies worldwide murdered this year — or last year. Judgment is coming. That's not my job. We know whose job that is."

Just putting this out there, if Planned Parenthood had been nuked off of State Street in Boise, it is likely that all of of Boise would get nuked along with it. And boy, is that ever a strange thing for a "pro-life" person to enjoy the idea of. Clearly they don't really care about people who have already been born, but how would they prevent pregnant women from blowing up? Think of all the unborn babies they would kill!

All kidding aside, what an absolutely awful thing to say, given the history of violence against abortion providers in this country.

I would also like to know, specifically, how exactly Vito Barbieri would like "God" to judge us all. Would that involve murder? Would this murder be only of people who have had abortions? Or people who support abortion? Or would everyone get caught in the crossfire, including pregnant people? Because if the latter is the case, and Vito Barbieri is so very opposed to aborting fetuses, why would he feel differently if it was God doing the killing? It is almost as if absolutely none of this makes sense.

This is not, for the record, the first time Rep. Vito Barbieri has said something incredibly stupid. Back in 2015, at a hearing for Idaho's House State Affairs Committee on the subject of using telemedicine for abortion, he asked a doctor if — as with a colonoscopy, a woman could swallow a pill with a camera in it and have a doctor look at her reproductive organs.

As Wonkette reported at the time:

Then Barbieri had a follow-up question. "Can this same procedure then be done in a pregnancy, swallowing a camera and helping the doctor determine what the situation is?"

"It cannot be done in pregnancy," Dr. Madsen responded, "simply because when you swallow a pill, it would not end up in the vagina."

Oh, women's anatomy! Such a grand mystery!

Perhaps Vito needs to take some time to himself, have a nice plate of egg noodles and ketchup, and reconsider ever, ever speaking on the subject of women's anatomy or reproductive rights ever again.

[The Idaho Statesman]

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