Idaho Republicans Hate Word 'Fiesta' For Reason You May Suspect


Some depressing county fair in Idaho decided its theme this year would be "Fiesta at the Fair," as that seems exotic and fun (depressing). So of course the county GOP decided that this wasan evil Messican idea. "Bonner County fair board Chairman Tim Cary said the fair was just looking for a theme that's fun to decorate with, and the choice had nothing to do with official language or immigration disputes." NICE TRY. The Bonner County GOP's booth will say "celebrate" instead of "fiesta" and they have "asked Arizona officials for some license plates to put in the booth." This gets more dumb and depressing, as you can imagine.

The fair runs Aug. 24-28 in Sandpoint, Idaho, a town with relatively few minorities that is about 90 miles north of Spokane, Wash.


"The Republicans at BCRCC want to make it very clear that English is our primary language, and call our booths 'Celebrate!' and display some Arizona license plates if you have some to spare," Bonner County Republican Central Committee Chairman Cornel Rasor wrote in a letter to Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, according to The Spokesman-Review newspaper.

It probably is clear by looking at you that English is your only language, but yes, Brewer is sure to respond. The nachos they will serve at this county fair that seven old people will attend in Podunk Idaho is a very important to someone who is busy doing a Where's Waldo of an ENTIRE STATE so she can find Hispanic-looking people she can deport.

Rasor said the words "fiesta" and "celebrate" mean the same thing.

"So technically speaking we didn't have a different theme than the fair, it's just a different spelling," he said.

Yeah, those do not mean the same thing. "Fiesta," by the way, is in any English dictionary, so you can look it up. It's been a part of the language for only 150 years or so, so it's understandable these people don't know what it means.

But wait, is there a way to make this situation more depressing?

Last year's fair theme was "A Black Tie and Blue Jeans Affair."

Yes there is! [Deseret News via Wonkette operative good ol' chascates]


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