Idaho Values Alliance Will Have 'Hard Time Swallowing' Larry Craig News

Our way of life! - WonketteTalking Points Memo just dug up this amusing anti-homosexual website in Idaho, run by a group of staunch anti-homosexual activists who are also, amusingly, big fans of Senator Larry Craig. Just below a happy photo of the latest Republican politician to be caught hitting up dudes in the public restrooms, there's a fun post about the gay danger lurking within our nation's toilet stalls -- specifically in the airport restrooms, which of course is where Republican Senator Craig was arrested for soliciting gay sex:

One of the tragic characteristics of the homosexual lifestyle is its emphasis on anonymous sex and multiple sexual partners. It is a little-acknowledged secret that many active homosexuals will have more than 1,000 sex partners over the course of a lifetime (the average among heterosexuals is seven -- still six more than we were designed for). This sordid fact of homosexual life surfaced yesterday in an AP article yesterday that reports on the number of arrests police have made for indecent exposure and public sex acts in the restrooms at Atlanta's airport, the busiest in the world. The increased restroom patrols, begun to apprehend luggage thieves, instead uncovered a rash of sex crimes. Airport restrooms have become so popular that men looking for anonymous sexual trysts with other men have advertised their airport availability on Craigslist. One such ad was from a man saying he was stuck at the airport for three hours and was looking for "discreet, quick action." (AP: Arrests Up in Atlanta Airport Restrooms)

So much to love in that post -- Craigslist, arrests in airport bathrooms, and of course the scientific fact that our penises are designed for one and only one airport sex tryst, not seven. But there are other fun items on the same page, such as this:

The Virginia state legislature, in an action that the Idaho legislature may do well to consider, passed a bill that directed state agencies to study whether Virginia should start castrating violent sex offenders rather than confining them.

Will Larry Craig be castrated?

As for the rest of the broken-hearted wingnut site's news items, they cover the usual topics of "Michelle Malkin has an interesting column about negroes" and "global warming is a libtard fraud." High five, everyone!

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