Idiots and the Idiots Who Admire Them

  • Christmas was ruined for so many this year by taser-wielding, Jesus-hating maniacs. Or, at least it happened in this one case. [WorldNet Daily]
  • We're pretty sure Tom Tancredo's endorsement wasn't a "stinging setback" for anybody but sometimes it's nice to pretend. [Hot Air]
  • Crazy Michelle Bauchmann wants you to know that Iraq is almost healed! They passed a pension bill, and that's more than we've got. [Right Wing News]
  • Malkin stays awake all night, just waiting for someone to write something about Al Sharpton. Then, finally, at 5 in the morning, she caught a big one! Congrats, Michelle! [Michelle Malkin]
  • Huck hates the Pope and we're not sure how well that's going to play in Iowa. [Fresh Intelligence]
  • Obama is the only person running for something who objects to Bush's FEC nominee and therefore conspiracy! [Redstate]

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