Some A-Hole Beat Up An Old Asian Woman In Midtown NYC. Can We Admit There’s A Problem Now?

Bret Stephens, conservative affirmative action hire of the New York Times, argued last week that the media should stop making such a big fuss over the rise of anti-Asian attacks and hate crimes, which he considers as much a threat as climate change. Stephens, who is as sensitive to minority issues as anyone named “Bret," claimed that "the overall incidence of these crimes is relatively small."

So, less than a week after Stephens subjected us to his scalding hot take, there was another anti-Asian attack in New York City, just a six-minute walk from the New York Times building. It's not often someone can potentially witness their asinine arguments fall apart while on their way to work.

A man-shaped creature kicked a 65-year-old woman to the ground in broad fucking daylight Monday, stomping on her several times on the sidewalk while making anti-Asian remarks. Surveillance video shows the assailant striking the woman's upper body and head several times after she fell.

I guess we have to show you this shit because of journalism, but it's stomach-churning. Trigger warning:

No, your eyes didn't deceive you: The security guard at the luxury apartment building where this went down callously ignored the beatdown. He closed the door on the woman without offering aid and went about his business, which apparently doesn't involve defending old ladies from psychopaths.

The Brodsky Organization, which runs 360 W. 43rd St, has suspended the workers who witnessed the attack, "pending an investigation in conjunction with their union." The union will have a strong argument that it's not the workers' job to intervene at personal risk to themselves. That's true. Although, I think some random dudes chilling on a stoop outside a Bronx walkup would've helped the woman.

The woman was hospitalized with serious injuries. The police are looking for help identifying her attacker.

The New York Times reports:

Mayor Bill de Blasio said at a news conference on Tuesday morning that the video of the attack was "absolutely disgusting and outrageous." He added that it was "absolutely unacceptable" that no one intervened or came to the woman's aid.

"I don't care who you are, I don't care what you do, you've got to help your fellow New Yorker," Mr. de Blasio said.

I wish there were more good Samaritans out there, but this pandemic has revealed the limits of American kindness. If people won't consider others' well-being enough to wear a mask or take the COVID-19 vaccine, they probably aren't going to tussle with the maniac curb-stomping an old woman.

The NYPD's hate crime division was also investigating what looked like an unprovoked attack on an Asian man in the subway, but it turns out the victim is Hispanic. He also reportedly called the Black man who kicked his ass the n-word, which is never advisable.

The man who viciously attacked a defenseless woman Monday appears to be Black. Bret Stephens had downplayed the role of white supremacy because sometimes a Black or Hispanic person attacks someone of Asian descent. This is absurd. You'd think a New York Times columnist would know how white supremacy works, but here's a quick refresher for Stephens.

President Klan Robe actively scapegoated China for the pandemic he ignored and mishandled. The one-term loser and his cronies referred to COVID-19 as the “China virus" or, even worse, “Kung-flu." Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany rationalized Trump's racism as simply naming the virus to "its place of origin," which is China where all the Asian people are. Last year, White House trade adviser Peter Navarro said, “I do blame the Chinese" for COVID-19 ... not the Chinese government but the Chinese people. (Note that only terrorist states are unable to separate American citizens from whatever issues they have with our government.) Pinning the blame for a global pandemic on the first victims of the outbreak is peak white supremacy. And setting minorities against one another is peak white supremacy too. Peak white supremacy just got squared.

Meanwhile, COVID-19 has hit Black and Hispanic Americans the hardest, both physically and economically. Republican governors, especially in the South, appease their MAGA constituents at the immediate expense of Black and Hispanic populations, while even “reasonable" Republicans joined the twice-impeached thug in blaming China for our woes.

The previous White House squatter sold COVID-19 as something that “China" had done to us rather than something that was happening to all of us together. Now, Americans of Asian descent are paying the price for his crass bigotry.

[New York Times]

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