If Barack Obama Is So Darn Good At Basketball, Why Does He Still Play Jayvee?


  • If the Burger King was president, Barack Obama wouldn't be president: This is the #1 reason why the Burger King should be America's Commander in Chief. (But if you're not convinced, there's eleven more reasons!) [The Corner]

  • Wikileaks uploaded terrifying footage from an Apache Helicopter-Zeppelin's War Crimes Cam, which is about as commendable as a "college kid posting an upskirt video on YouTube." There are upskirt videos on YouTube? [RedState]

  • Nostalgic Matt Yglesias speaks fondly of breast milk, the benefits of breast feeding and just plain ol' breasts in a more general sense. [Matt Yglesias]

  • You already know Barack Obama plays baseball like a terrorist. But good gravy, did you know Barack Obama always wears a three-piece prom tuxedo when he's "shooting hoops" and that he can't dribble with his right hand? Revelatory! [Weekly Standard]

  • The Michigan Militia will take the "stigma" out of "walking down Main Street dressed in camouflage whilst brandishing an automatic rifle with a fancy laser scope." [Think Progress]


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