If Joe Biden Loves Israel Attacking the Humanitarian Boats So Much, Why Does He Pose On Arabic Sesame Street?

If Joe Biden Loves Israel Attacking the Humanitarian Boats So Much, Why Does He Pose On Arabic Sesame Street?

Vice President Joe Biden did two things Wednesday night: He went on the Charlie Rose interview show to defend Israel's attack on the humanitarian flotilla trying to bring supplies to walled-off Gaza, and he attended some Sesame Street gala event. Which of these things are not like the other? Both of them, as you can clearly see from this promotional photograph released by the Sesame Street organization. Yeah, that's right, Biden is standing right underneath the Arabic sign for Sesame Street.

We are not Established Arabic Experts, but we can sort of tell that's Arabic, and we can sort of vaguely figure out it says something that translates (backwards!) to "Open Sesame," we think, which is (we think?) what certain Arab-language versions(s?) of Sesame Street are called. We cannot 100% prove, through this research, that the sign above Israel-defender Joe Biden's head is, in fact, the specific Palestinian sign for the Palestinian Sesame Street, which at one point not so long ago looked like this, according to ABC News:

But close enough, right? How much does Joe Biden love the international pariah known as Israel when he's partying with his radical muppet friends? Not so much.

Or maybe Biden was just distracted by the awful neo-con Grover, in his Crusader knight helmet. Hey Grover, did you invade the "Holy Land" lately, you culturally insensitive cretin? And where was Grover when those Israeli commando pirates attacked a convoy of boats in international waters trying to deliver food and building supplies to Gaza? Because we didn't see Grover on Tuesday morning's broadcast of the New York-based Sesame Street -- and we watch Sesame Street very closely indeed, as any patriot must do in these troubled times when hippies are pushing their poisonous socialist agenda even on the kids we dump in front of the teevee for nine hours a day. [Sesame Street/TwitPic via Alex Pareene]


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