If The Clintons Lose, There Will Be Nothing

  • John McCain and Barack Obama have massive leads in our triple-Siamese primary. When you attach DC to Maryland and Virginia, our dumb little city almost matters! Almost. [Real Clear Politics]
  • The thing to remember about Democrats is that none of them can win unless they are named Clinton. Then all they do is win. So don't vote for Obama. Then the Clintons won't win. [James Wolcott]
  • There might not be enough Bushes to endear WALNUTS! to the GOP base, but they're giving it all they've got. [Naked Politics]
  • For Huck, a distant, distant second place is just like winning. [Wizbang Politics]
  • Paul Krugman wishes Barry Obama would go away so Hillary wouldn't have to say such mean things to beat him. You're destroying the party, Barry. [Carpetbagger Report]
  • They might be able to grow a jawbone from your gut, but Andy already has way more jawbone than the world needs. [Baldilocks]
  • How do you win the vote of a 21-year-old superdelegate? Send your daughter to his place with a six pack of Bud and a phone call from Dad to wish him well. [The Plank]

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