If Trump Didn't Know He Committed A Crime ... LOL Sorry, We Tried To Get All The Way Through That Thought

It looks like the people who write our laws need someone to explain the law to them again.

On Tuesday, Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana -- yes, the same John Kennedy whom Chuck Todd recently told to pull his head out of his ass -- told BuzzFeed reporter Paul McLeod that Trump trying to extort foreign leaders into digging up dirt on his political rivals was totally fine if Trump really did believe the weird QAnon conspiracy theories about Biden and Ukraine and something about Hillary's emails. Because MENS REA!

Today is a proud day for the University of Virginia School of Law, where Kennedy received his JD. And Oxford University, where he got a Bachelor of Civil Law. And the Chaffe McCall law firm, where he was a partner. And Louisiana State University's Paul M. Hebert Law Center, where he used to be an adjunct professor.

Come on, John. You know better than this.

But let's use an analogy to really nail down Kennedy's hypocrisy, here. When Donald Trump was running for president in 2016, it was already pretty clear that he was a huge criminal. Anyone paying attention would be reasonable to believe that he had committed a whole bunch of crimes in various countries around the world. We wonder how Senator Kennedy would have felt about President Obama calling up foreign leaders and threatening to withhold aid unless they investigated Trump and his vast criminal enterprises. I'm sure this all would have been totally fine to Senator Kennedy.

But wait! It appears Kennedy had an analogy of his own to use.


That's ... normal.

(But seriously, we need to hear more about this conversation.)

The Senator needs some lawsplaining

There is no "Donald Trump is a fucking moron" exemption in the definition of extortion.

Extortion is extortion even if you're a narcissistic sociopath who believes QAnon conspiracy theories.

And what Trump did wasn't just extortion (although it is basically a textbook example of using threats to get what you want). It was extortion of a foreign government, in an attempt to dig up dirt on a political rival. If that isn't some banana republic bullshit, we don't know what is.

Similarly, the US Constitution has no impeachment exceptions for "perfect phone calls" and dumbassery. The Constitution doesn't even define "high crimes and misdemeanors" -- it just says Congress shall impeach the motherfucker who commits them (paraphrased).

Mind you, this is not the first time John Kennedy has acted like a complete fucking stooge when it comes to defending Trump's Ukraine treasoning. There was also the time Kennedy was so fucking batshit insane that Chuck fucking Todd called him out on his bullshit. And that other time, when he came up with some clownhumping dumbshit "no one can work in Ukraine" bill.

Senator Kennedy may be a fuckwad who thinks the government should control my uterus and pass out free AR-15s, but he's not dumb. And this is fucking ridiculous. He knows just how fucked up and ridiculous all of this is.

It's all stupid, evil, and very #2019.

[Paul McLeod]

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