If You Get 17/17 On This Quiz, You Probably Don't Have Any Friends. Tabs, Thurs., Aug. 19, 2021


Oh no, is it Evan's turn to tabs again? Oh no. Sucks for you, Evan never has any tabs, because he doesn't read the internet!

Joe Biden says nursing home staff have to be vaccinated if they want that sweet Medicare/Medicaid money. [HuffPo]

New Zealand has gone into lockdown again because of coronavirus. Because of one case of it, to be specific. [Washington Post]

Read a thing at New York mag about the new Gawker, which we haven't read. We mean we haven't read the new Gawker. We read the article we're linking to right now. OK, we've read a third of it. [New York]

JOE BIDEN DOESN'T DO ENUFF INTURVIEWS!!!1!1!1 [Some Beltway media, including the WaPo's shitty fact-checker, whining]

Y'all really should read about the loser Fabio Bonermaker wannabe who just got arrested on Capitol attack charges. [HuffPo]

One of Jared Kushner's buddies just got indicted in New York on state charges very similar to the federal ones Donald Trump pardoned him for. Womp womp, Jared's buddy. [Washington Post]

Donald Trump has been bragging about trying to force us out of Afghanistan all year long, and that he had started that process, and that Joe Biden "couldn't stop the process" he started. [Vanity Fair]

Also just reminder that GEEZ Trump just really loves the Taliban. [Vanity Fair]

Everybody on Martha's Vineyard hates Alan Dershowitz again, Larry David edition! [Page Six]

This interview with sexy hot adorable actor Joshua Jackson, yes the guy who played Pacey on "Dawson's Creek," is outstanding, and we mean that. [Refinery29]

Oh good news, Laura Prepon isn't a Scientologist anymore. [Daily Beast]

Have you been reading Wonk pal Charlie Pierce about the end of the Afghanistan debacle? We have opened some tabs on it! We should read them! [Charlie Pierce newsletter]

We still haven't read that article about Beyoncé turning 40 that we put in here last time we did tabs. Still open in our browser! [Harper's Bazaar]

OK that's enough tabs. We had to search the entire internet for these.

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