If You Sanction Kari Lake Just For Filing BS Lawsuits, Libeling Judges On Twitter, You Obviously Hate America


Maricopa County Judge Peter Thompson left a lump of coal in Kari Lake's election denial stocking, rejecting her absurd, laughable-on-its face claim that the Arizona gubernatorial race she lost was rigged against her. The judge ruled that Lake's legal team never offered anything remotely evidence-shaped to back up Lake's demand that Thompson make her the governor all ready.

Katie Hobbs becomes governor on January 2 and there's nothing more Lake can do but remain obnoxious. The loser tweeted from her own account with her name on it, "The dismissal of Kari Lake’s Election Lawsuit Shows Voter Disenfranchisement No Longer Matters …" She further quoted conservative columnist Rachel Alexander: “Legal experts believe his decision [by Judge Thompson] was ghostwritten, they suspect top left-wing attorneys like Marc Elias emailed him what to say.”

So, that seems libelous and dare we say sanctionable! That's just what — say it with us — Governor-elect Katie Hobbs plans to do, because she's rightly peeved with Lake undermining public trust in the state's elections and wasting everyone's time with bullshit.


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Attorneys for Hobbs, the outgoing secretary of state, and Maricopa County jointly filed for sanctions against Lake. They're seeking $25,050 from Lake, which includes attorney fees for Hobbs and Maricopa County. They called out Lake's consistent remarks before any votes were cast that she wouldn't accept the results unless she won as well as her lawsuit after the election was certified as “groundless” and “frivolous," which is charitable of them.

Lake's attorneys insist that public faith in our electoral process requires that crackpots can file obvious nuisance suits with impunity. This argument is intellectually consistent with all their previous ones.

"Trust in the election process is not furthered by punishing those who bring legitimate claims as plaintiff did here," the court document filed by Lake's lawyers said. "In fact, sanctioning plaintiff would have the opposite effect.”

Maricopa County and Hobbs naturally cited the inflammatory tweet that Lake quickly deleted like a coward who doesn't understand how screenshots work. Lake’s campaign argued in court filings Lake “simply retweeted” Alexander's nonsense. (RETWEETS AREN'T ENDORSEMENTS!) But even that's a lie. It's obviously a deliberately posted link with an excerpt from the article. It also doesn't have the obvious "Kari Lake retweeted" notice above the tweet. Does Lake's legal team not have access to reasonably intelligent eight-year-old children?

“Tweets, especially those authored by others, do not support sanctions under Arizona law,” Lake’s campaign wrote to the judge that their client had professionally insulted less than 24 hours ago.

Here's hoping Lake is sanctioned so hard she can't afford the Vaseline for her soft-focus videos.


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