To be honest, we're not 100 percent sure who's right in the argument over whether 2020 Democratic primary candidates should do town halls on Fox News, though we suspect it's Elizabeth Warren, because she's usually right. But if you are going to do it, then Pete Buttigieg showed us all how you should do it, which is to make sure you get all the way under the skin of Fox News's most regular viewer, the chunk of human cells and pigshit who lounges around the White House all day watching TV and apparently not (thank God) doing much work.

In fact, the president was whining hours before the town hall even started:

But ... but ... how can you be a sad loser despot poor man's Kaiser Wilhelm II if your state-run network starts seeing other people?!?!?!

There were a few memorable moments during Buttigieg's appearance on Fox in New Hampshire with host Chris Wallace. One everybody's talking about is when Buttigieg addressed the fact of his being there, acknowledged the argument that's going on in the Democratic Party, and said it's not hard to see why somebody wouldn't want to take a swim in the foul shit river of that network, considering what TUCKER CARLSON and LAURA INGRAHAM are like each and every night.

Did that leave a mark? Stay tuned to the end of this post, because yep it sure did!

Buttigieg also addressed the issue of Trump directly, saying we need to "change the channel from this show that he's created," and acknowledging that it's hard not to pay attention to the moron's tweets, because that's what happens with "grotesque" things -- "you can't look away." But how does he feel when the president directs his morning and late night temper tantrums at him? "I don't care." You need to watch the video, because it really comes through that HE DOESN'T CARE.

And the audience loved it.

Oh yeah, and then there was the part where the Fox News audience -- of New Hampshire voters, sure, but still, it was aired on Fox News -- gave Buttigieg a standing ovation at the end.

All in all, a good appearance! Buttigieg even gave Fox News viewers a dose of the actual truth about so-called "late-term abortion," which is as timely as ever right now as states rush to see who can get cast on the next season of "The Handmaid's Tale," and as Donald Trump and the Republican Party lie so brazenly about the issue, it looks like they're trying to get abortion doctors and/or women killed.

And oh boy, like we said, it sure did leave a mark! There's Brit Hume throwing shade at the president's whine tweets:

And then there is the utter meltdown we witnessed from Brian Kilmeade and the other morning dipshits on Fox, because we guess they really don't like it when Democrats come on their TV network and get standing ovations for talking shit about their hosts and their Dear Leader. Right-wingers had been losing their shit all weekend already claiming that Buttigieg had called for Thomas Jefferson to be LITERALLY DELETED FROM HISTORY on Hugh Hewitt's radio show, when he had said nothing of the sort. As usual, it was a more nuanced discussion about whether Democrats' longstanding Jefferson-Jackson dinners should be renamed, in light of how maybe we shouldn't be honoring genocidal maniacs (he meant Andrew Jackson) anymore, and that Jefferson, despite his beautiful words, knew slavery was wrong but did it anyway. Buttigieg specifically said, "it's not like we're blotting him out of the history books," which we guess gave liars their opening to lie, by deleting the "It's not like ..." from Buttigieg's statement.

Kilmeade and pals lost their shit all morning long about that Thomas Jefferson stuff, because they are incredibly stupid, accusing Buttigieg of "going after our founding fathers":

And it went ON and ON and ON and ON, because in the syphilitic lizard brains of people like Brian Kilmeade, the story has now morphed into something like "Pete Buttigieg went on a late night rampage and decapitated all the Thomas Jefferson statues," and we don't know what else. Here is but a sample:

Kilmeade was also very upset that Mayor Butt Stuff was mean to Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham:

"If you feel that negative about it, don't come. Because for him to go out there and take shots at our primetime lineup without going on our primetime lineup shows, to me, absolutely no courage."

SAY IT TO THEIR FACE. Yeah, actually, he did, you fucking idiot, because he was on Fox News and those assholes are going to have to watch that on a loop for the next 48 hours, minimum.

As to Kilmeade's suggestion that Buttigieg can't criticize the evening opinion hosts if he's not willing to appear on their shows, that's horseshit. Actually appearing on Tucker Carlson or Laura Ingraham (or Sean Hannity or Jeanine Pirro) affords those hosts a degree of dignity they don't deserve, and regardless of who's ultimately right about whether Dems should do town halls on Fox News with Chris Wallace, they definitely shouldn't go on those loser circle jerk KKKonspiracy theory hours. That's Glenn Greenwald's job.

Brian Kilmeade should stick to trying to figure out why sharks live in the ocean all the time.

Anyway, good Pete Buttigieg town hall on Fox News! Would watch again, but on a different network that doesn't suck!

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