IKEA Tells Kanye West To Eff Right Off. Your Weekly Dance Party!

Insert "Imma let you finish" joke here.

Oh hey, it is Wednesday, which means it is time for your weekly dance party where we shuffle the iTunes and post the first ten random songs, and you dance and share your favorite songs in the comments or whatever.

But first, this is so very Kanye West:

In an interview with BBC Radio 1 on Monday, Kanye revealed that he approached Swedish furniture store IKEA about a collaboration.

“I have to work with IKEA, make furniture for interior design, for architecture,” he explained, giving “a minimalist apartment inside of a college dorm” as one such example.

Unfortunately, we won’t see a Kanye West-designed rattan chaise, desk lamps, or candles available at IKEA anytime soon. Reached for comment, a representative for IKEA dismissed any future collaborations with the Chicago rapper, according to CNBC.

Oh sad, they told him to fuck off. He also apparently approached Payless Shoe Source, because we guess he wanted to make shoes for feet, for wearing, but they told him to fuck off too. SAD!

Anyway, let's shuffle the iTunes machine and see what comes up. Oh look, songs!

  1. Rocky Votolato - "Little Spring"
  2. Sean Nicholas Savage - "The Laughter of Bad Men"
  3. Sleigh Bells - "You Don't Get Me Twice"
  4. Amanda Shires - "Stay"
  5. Amanda Palmer - "Runs In The Family"
  6. Soft Cell - "Bedsitter" (12 inch version)
  7. Guadalupe Plata - "Lorena"
  8. Bloc Party - "Sunday"
  9. Andy Friedman - "Self-Portrait In White-Knuckle Death Grip"
  10. The Maccabees - "Toothpaste Kisses"

Oh look, music!



And now are you are dancing in the comments, or maybe you are just making fun of Kanye, who, though brilliant, is a total dingus.

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