WATCH: Democrats Kick Living Sh*t Out Of Republicans Removing Ilhan Omar From Foreign Affairs Committee

We discussed this week how Barely Speaker Kevin had managed to wrangle up the votes to subject Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar to more racism and bullying, under the guise of expelling Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee because she is "antisemitic." (Their proofs for this were, shall we say, limp and flaccid.) We highly doubt the votes materialized because of Kevin McCarthy's negotiating prowess. Occam's Razor would suggest that any holdout Republicans just remembered they hate minorities and were like JK fuck yeah we'll do that.

McCarthy is doing this for retaliatory reasons, because he's mad Democrats expelled his new BFF QAnon Marge Greene and white nationalist Paul Gosar from their committees. He's doing it because he's a fucking child, and this is his way of saying "neener." He's doing this because he's a little tiny sad man and this makes him feel powerful.

Look at this fucking troll doll.

Oh! Kevin McCarthy is so offended that Ilhan Omar said "all about the Benjamins!" Obviously you see the Kevin McCarthy tweet Rupar found just below that, but if you can't, it says "We cannot allow Soros, Steyer, and Bloomberg to BUY this election!" But it's not antisemitic when McCarthy says it, because reasons.

The vote was today, and Omar was removed from that committee. But not before a bunch of Democrats had a chance to stand up and tell white supremacist Republicans to go eat bags of dicks in hell.

Rep. Eric Swalwell didn't hold back. He noted how Republicans "root for rioters," "show sympathy for the insurrection," are a conference that "harbors a wanted international criminal," and have "members who choose violence over voting every single day." He said he figured when they said they were going to hold somebody accountable for antisemitism, it would be Jim Jordan, since he kept that "Kanye. Elon. Trump" tweet up on the House Judiciary Committee GOP account for two months after Kanye started levying Nazi attacks against Jewish people. (Jordan writes those tweets.)

"Look in your own damn mirror before you ever come over here!" he shouted.

Swalwell, of course, was just the other day a victim of McCarthy's insolent little revenge campaign, when McCarthy removed him from the Intelligence Committee.

The other victim of that was Rep. Adam Schiff, who also had some things to say. He said if they want to punish somebody for inciting violence, introduce a resolution against Donald Trump. "Nobody has incited more violence against this chamber than Donald Trump." And antisemitism? "Do not insult our intelligence," he said.

Want to condemn someone? How about "someone dining with antisemites? Someone dining with white nationalists? Members of your conference who are speaking at white nationalist rallies." He mentioned Trump again, and Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar.

And on and on it went like that. People pointing out the hypocrisy, people pointing out the lies. Rep. Mark Pocan and others noted how Republicans seat on committees a person who believes "Jewish space lasers set forest fires in California." Rep. Pramila Jayapal put a fine point on how Republicans are doing this because they have nothing of real value to offer the American people, just this "inane" shit.

Rep. Dean Phillips is Jewish. He said a lot, and you should watch it all, but he made an important point when he asked why 90 percent of the Jewish people in Congress are just fine with keeping Omar on her committees? Because isn't this Kevin McCarthy supposedly protecting them from mean Ilhan Omar? Fucking please.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? Whew. Back up and make some room for her, because she is ready to fuck you all up. "This is about targeting women of color in the United States!" And so much more.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib was furious to the point of tears, and we guess House Republicans didn't want to hear it, so they gaveled her to shut her up and cut her mic:

And here is Rep. Omar herself, defending herself against the tsunami of white supremacy coming at her from the other side of the aisle. "Is anyone surprised that I am being targeted?" she asked. She took it all the way back to the Trump-led movement to label Barack Obama a Muslim. This is who these people are.

"My leadership and voice will not be diminished if I am not on this committee for one term. My voice will get louder and stronger and my leadership will be celebrated around the world as it has been! So take your votes or not, I am here to stay, and I am here to be a voice against harms around the world and advocate for a better world. I yield back."

In other words, go fuck yourself, Kevin, and go fuck yourself, all the rest of you seditious white supremacist Republican snakes. The end.

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