Illegalz-Hating New Mexico Governor Is Offspring of Illegalz, Obviously

Illegalz-Hating New Mexico Governor Is Offspring of Illegalz, Obviously

New Mexico's Republican and first Latina governor, Susana Martinez, has built a reputation as something of a hard-ass on illegal immigration. So what conclusion could we immediately draw if we follow the metrics of the rigorous self-loathing required to pass the GOP's personality entrance exam? Yeah: she recentlyconfirmed that she is also the granddaughter of an illegal immigrant. But that was, whatever, a million years ago when the U.S.-Mexico "Border Patrol" was a roving herd of wild donkeys nibbling burlap off a passing alien's knapsack. Times Have Changed, the Ancestor Gods are dead, etc. 

And so what this revelation Martinez herself gave during an interview with a local Univision affiliate boils down to is that it seems the weensiest bit hypocritical that she is crusading to repeal a state law granting illegal immigrants the ability to get a valid driver's license without proof of citizenship.

From the AP:

Martinez argues New Mexico's law jeopardizes public safety and attracts illegal immigrants who fraudulently claim to live in the state only to get ID cards that make it easier to stay in the country. Immigrant advocates, however, say the law allows more drivers to be insured in the state and helps law enforcement obtain needed safety data. They say the fraud cases Martinez often cites for reasons to change the law are isolated.



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