Illiterate Scott Walker's Illiterate Tweet Removed By Staffers

Wisconsin Kochsuckler Scott Walker was so excited to get some time off for Thanksgiving, before he is recalled for being a giant jerkoff and alsomaking Wisconsin number one in job losses. (How's that "Wisconsin Is Open For Business" slogan working out, Walker?) The governor apparently typed the charmingly idiotic message pictured above all by himself, with whatever thumb wasn't in his mouth. And then it was removed, presumably by his embarrassed staffers, who will soon be unemployed like everyone else in Wisconsin, the end.

There's no sign of the idiotic tweet on the soon-to-be-ex-governor's Twitter account today, obviously, but we found plenty of evidence that it was posted, because it appeared in numerous aggregation lists of state government and political Twitter accounts, which you can see here.

We're so glad "are" governor will soon be unemployed again, and hopefully in prison, where it will be kind of quiet w/out a jabbering tool in the governor's office. [Via the Wisconsin politics Tumblr site, Forward/Capital Times]


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