Illiterate Southern 'Vampire' Offers Racial Advice


'Dear shit-fer-brains ...'Last week your Wonkette posted some news about racism in Tennessee, because it was so shocking and rare and etc. Racism, in the South?! Many days later, this post drained all the way to the Internet's southern parts, where a proud local man discovered the item in question, maybe on his ex-wife's cousin's 'puter. He is probably upset, although it's almost impossible to tell.



Date: Sat, Jun 26, 2010 at 5: :21 PM

Subject: lauri apple

not sure where ur deep knowledge of tennessee racial relations come from but i hope its a funny coincidence. if its not then don't be shy sweetpea. step up and talk to a reel live vampire.

if it ain't a coincidence. tell ur tipster to "go fuck themselves."! Yep, i think that is correct.

somebody is playing with you deer wonkettes. or your playing with me. either way. speak and speak now.

What language is this? Sure, it shares many words with American English. But what does it mean? Did they just get the Twilight movies on cable?


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