I'm a Republican, I Just Don't Play One on TV

tomreynolds.jpgWe're being too tough on Michael Steele. It's not a big deal that he's ashamed to run as a Republican. Hey, even Congressman Tom Reynolds (R-NY) is ashamed to run as a Republican this year. Who's Tom Reynolds? Oh, the chairman of the NRCC, committee that elects Republicans to Congress. His new ad "Fighting for Jobs" glosses completely over the fact that he's a member of the GOP, as does the information on his website.

"New Yorkers won't be fooled by a new TV spot after years of job losses and Reynolds's record against working families," said Bill Burton, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's communications director. "It's time for a new direction."
It feels... dirty to agree with a DCCC flack. But check out that ad. Not only does Reynolds edit out images of his GOP pledge pin - the message is all about how New York is "not conducive to creating jobs." Who's the governor of New York? Republican George Pataki. Who runs the New York state Senate? Republican Joe Bruno. Who runs the country? A Republican president and Congress. Damn it, it's time to stand up and stop the Democrats from ruining everything!

Reynolds airs his ads early [The Hill]

Biography of Chairman Tom Reynolds [NRCC]

"Fighting for Jobs" [Tom Reynolds for Congress]

-- David Weigel


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