'I'm Gettin' High,' by Jenna Bush

Juiced up beyond belief! - WonketteFun-loving first twin and secret South American diplomat Jenna Bush is looking for a book deal in New York. Jenna's got DC superlawyer Robert Barnett shopping the project to publishers, reports Washington Whispers.

But what will it be about? Will she reveal her mission to find Nazi sanctuary for her war-criminal family in Paraguay? Give all the dirt on exhibitionist sister Barbara? Reveal the tender details of that first college lesbian love affair?

Nobody knows, including Jenna. She's either going to write a "children's book" -- Don't let daddy find your stash, kids! -- or something about her "experiences," which means she's going to pull an Obama and admit to all the cocaine and talk about Jesus and get set up to become president in 2012. You thought we were kidding, didn't you?

First Twin Jenna Shops a Book [US News]


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