I'm In Ur Voting Machine, Erasing Ur Tally

  • John McCain is right where he wants to be: 8 points down, with 36 hours until the polls close. [Washington Post]
  • Speaking of polls -- the latest WSJ/NBC News poll was conducted over the weekend and shows Obama with a 51% to 43% advantage. [FOX News]
  • Kids who watch a lot of sexin' on the teevee are more likely to get pregnant than ones who don't. [MSNBC]
  • SWAT teams and tactical units are on standby for Tuesday-night riots in four major American cities: Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Oakland. [Boston Herald]
  • Touch-screen voting machines are awful, and many electronic voting machines don't actually record votes, but we are still better equipped -- technology and process-wise -- for this election than we were for the nightmare in 2000. [New York Times]
  • Five homeless people were found shot to death near the 405 in Long Beach. [Los Angeles Times]

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