Immigrants Doomed To Seek Refuge In Horrible Dayton, Ohio

Immigrants in this country are facing a whole list of problems these days, one of those problems being, of course, the insane people and laws that seek to force them out of their homes. Luckily, the timing on this is perfect, because just as much as immigrants need new, non-threatening places to live, America's Worst Cities need inhabitants! At leastone city has realized this connection: In what is obviously nothing more than an act of defeat and complete desperation, the city of Dayton is now actively recruiting illegal immigrants to live and work within its borders. This is the Circle of Life at work, friends.

Dayton, Ohio, a city with 11% unemployment and a population that is down 15% from 2000, has decided to make a final attempt at survival by asking all of the rejected immigrants from elsewhere in the country to please consider living in Dayton, maybe also spending some money now and then, but really whatever works for you is fine because no one lives here anymore.

Dayton, Ohio officials adopted the “Welcome to Dayton” plan on Oct. 5 to encourage immigrants to settle in their city. They see the potential influx of new residents as a way to boost the city’s economy, while states like Alabama and Georgia that have extreme anti-immigrant laws are seeing their economies suffer.

Before the Dayton city commission unanimously approved the plan, Mayor Gary Leitzell, whom the local Republican party endorsed in 2009, said immigrants bring “new ideas, new perspectives and new talent to our workforce. … To reverse the decades-long trend of economic decline in this city, we need to think globally.”

This is all acceptable, because no one is recruiting immigrants from outside the country - just the internally displaced ones. Internally displaced Americans are all the rage these days, and Dayton, Ohio is for once excited to be at the forefront of a cool trend, instead of the forefront of terrible places headed for disaster. [ThinkProgress]


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