Hello, comrades! Have you enjoyed Wonkette these past 18 months or so? Well, good, because now we're going to change it all around, as far as who writes and edits the thing. Editor and "national treasure" Alex Pareene is moving to New York City for a secret new assignment he'll explain in another post, and I'm hanging around for a while as a daily contributor and will continue to sort of vaguely maintain the invisible "West Coast Bureau" -- yes, you can go ahead and offer me lucrative free-lance stuff now, and this time I might actually do it.

Soon you will meet a new team of editors, John Clarke Jr. and Jim Newell, and they will tell you grand stories and terrible lies once they start on October 8 and October 9, respectively -- that's next Monday and Tuesday if you're one of the many Americans who can't afford maps.

But in brief:

* John Clarke Jr. has written for many famous newspaper publications, such as the NYT and the NY Post and Variety. Weirdly, he also worked for Mitt Romney's 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics, as the editor of the Olympics. You probably didn't even know somebody had to edit the Olympics, but it is true. And do you remember who was president of the Olympics? Mitt Romney, that's who. Think about it. Clarke also has some sort of Political Campaign Experience, which means he'll probably ask you for money, individually, in the comments.

* Jim Newell has been an editor at IvyGate (a blog about gardening) and an "interim culture editor" at the daily newspaper in Philadelphia. Unlike your current editors, he went to college and also got a college degree, from Penn State the University of Penn! Also, he edited the 34th Street magazine while at that same place, Penn State the college in Pennsylvania. He'll probably ask for money from commenters, too, because he probably has student loans or something.

So there you go. Everything has changed! Never Forget!


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