Little-known fact: Virginia gubernatorial candidate and beloved Clinton pimp Terry McAuliffe spent the first half of 2008 dancing around Hillary Clinton like a court jester on meth, going on morning talk shows and doing shots of rum and laughing right along with his hosts about howwink wink Hillary was totally going to be president, even though not enough people voted for her in the primaries. He was the most underminey best friend in the WORLD.

But forget about that, because Hillary Clinton who? Terry McAuliffe is President Obama's number one fan!

Every Democrat on earth supports the president, particularly all the ones in heavily Obama-leaning states like Virginia, so the Democratic primary here is shaping up into a contest of who loves President Obama the most.

Brian Moran has the natural edge because he did not appear on every major news show in the world last year talking about how awesome Hillary Clinton was, but whatever. Does he have to rub it in?

The Moran campaign is hoping a new 60-second radio ad running on black radio stations in Virginia will remind African-American voters — likely to be a crucial voting block in the June 9 Democratic primary — of McAuliffe's full-throated support for Clinton.

"Terry McAuliffe may have a lot of big money for his campaign, but don't let that hide the truth," the ad's narrator says. "The truth is, Terry McAuliffe led the campaign that ran the '3 a.m.' attack ad against Barack Obama. McAuliffe worked to put up the ads that questioned Obama's ability to be president."

Virginia politics, man. Crazy nonsense empathetic!

McAuliffe blasted by rival for supporting Hillary Clinton [Political Ticker]


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