Important Person Resigns in Disgrace on Friday Evening

Susan Ralston: Unemployed Springsteen fan. - WonketteKarl Rove's girl Friday, Susan Ralston, resigned today -- very, very quietly. Due to, you know, the massive lies and corruption revealed by the Congressional report on Abramoff's White House ties. The report that was news for like ten minutes last week before this pervert from Florida charmed the nation with his filthy I-mails. Observers say Ralston's resignation may also have something to do with intense shame over this.

She was Jack Abramoff's assistant too, back in the day, and she did great work for him even after leaving for the White House -- like money laundering and fraud and all that kinda stuff. But cheer up! Now she can be unemployed just like one of the characters in the songs of her favorite musical recording artist, Bruce "The Boss" Springsteen.

Happy Friday evening! Enjoy your sex scandal!

Rove Aide Resigns In Fallout From Abramoff Scandal [AP]


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