Important Political Celebrity George Clooney Spotted In St. Louis


Wow, judging from this photograph alone, St. Louis looksawesome. Dedicated legal journalist "Allison" writes: "Obama confidante and gorgeous Darfur lover George Clooney was just spotted in St. Louis. Filming started today here on his new movie, Up in the Air (otherwise known as George Clooney stalks around airports in bland, featureless cities like St. Louis). Georgie was shooting at an urban-blighted apartment building across from my office. I had no idea until I started hearing shrieks from our conference room overlooking the scene. See attached the photo (taken by my bud Lauren). George is the tiny figure with the rolling suitcase, just above the window ledge covered in bird shit." Thank you Allison and Lauren, for your service to America and Darfur.


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