In 1676 A Possessed Nun Wrote A Message From The Devil. Tabs, Thurs., Oct. 1, 2020


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Of course that's how Trump treats everybody who works for him, of course it is. (Vanity Fair)

The debate was hard to watch because abuse is hard to watch. — Slate

Why did Trump act like that? Because he's scared. — Amanda Marcotte at Salon

The Proud Boys are already intimidating people holding Trump accountable, and Bill Barr is protecting them. (Emptywheel)

Oh, what? On the same day as that horrendous debate, the FBI issued a report, "Boogaloo Adherents Likely Increasing Anti-Government Violent Rhetoric and Activities, Increasing Domestic Violent Extremist Threat in the FBI Dallas Area of Responsibility" for "FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY and LAW ENFORCEMENT SENSITIVE"? Guess so! — Scoop from The Nation

Surprise! Postmaster General Louis DeJoy's wife, Aldona Vos, is an asshole too! Learn how she fucked the poor as an "outsider" running North Carolina's Health and Human Services! (Buzzfeed)

The lifestyle-blog voter. White women with nice homes who don't like negativity but do like tweaking their kitchen design, and think communism means other people getting more means they get less. — Anne Helen Peterson's Substack newsletter

Bob Woodward's "phlegmatic transcriptions." If you want to read a takedown of Woodward's "lazy thinking," come sit by me. (LA Times)

Coronavirus is rising in New York. These are the steps we need to take, with big spending to match, to get it under control. — Jill Filipovic at CNN

I ... don't know what this is.

Pope Francis tells Mike Pompeo to get fucked, or declines to meet with him, same thing. (BBC)

If I listened to podcasts, I would listen to Death in the West:

In episode one, we re-open the case of Frank Little, a union organizer whose brutal unsolved murder shocked the nation during the tumultuous summer of 1917. Our team travels to the mining city of Butte, Montana and reconstructs the night of the crime, including using vintage maps to pinpoint the secluded site of Little's murder.

Death In The West Pod

Seagrams heiress Clare Bronfman gets seven years, oh just for some human trafficking and trying to silence defectors from that creepy NXIVM cult. — AP

Waaah, he wants his family's royal German treasure back, can't have it because they were Nazis waaah. (CNN)

Zoo separates parrots that were encouraging each other to swear at guests. — People

From the comments: The Fairy House. (Museum of Science and Industry Chicago)

Should I use these Meyer lemons on Meyer lemon thyme ice cream, Meyer lemon Shaker pie, or Meyer lemon margaritas? I know, I will buy more Meyer lemons. — Brit + Co

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