In Closed Meeting, Putin Surprises Bush With Missile Plan, Polonium-Laced Jujube

Faces pull taught in a grim rictus of hate - WonketteYesterday:

After months of angrily rejecting a White House plan for missile defense in Europe, President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia surprised President Bush on Thursday with an offer to build a joint system in the former Soviet Republic of Azerbaijan.
The offer came during a much anticipated private meeting between the presidents at a gathering of leaders of wealthy democracies.


President Bush became ill with a mild stomach ailment Friday morning, forcing him to skip some working sessions and the so-called "family photo" of leaders of the world's wealthiest democracies, but is now "back on schedule," a top aide said.

Yeah, back on schedule. On schedule with DOOM. For the last time, Mr. President, you don't take sweets from strangers or ex-KGB agents.

Putin Surprises Bush With Plan on Missile Shield [NYT]

Bush Skips Some Sessions at Group of 8 Due to Illness [NYT]


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