Cum-dumpster ... but for whom?! - WonketteThere's a great new (or old?) association in town, and it's very unpopular. The International Bible Reading Association held a big event at the Capitol yesterday, if by "big event" you mean "600 chairs were set up, and a total of 37 people sat down, and most of those were tourists eating their lunch, and Jeff Gannon is the spokesman."

Gannon's back! The bald, portly gay hooker who spent so many nights in the White House having gay sex with a still-unrevealed Top Administration Official has managed to find a job less prestigious than "Talon News reporter." When asked by Dana Milbank why there were 563 empty chairs at the 600-seat bible-reading stunt, Gannon replied: "This isn't that kind of event."

That is our new catch phrase. When asked why anything is a total dismal ignored failure, we will just smile and say, "This isn't that kind of event."

Dozens of Heads Were Bowed [Washington Post]


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