In Honor of Daily Briefing's New Name, Here's Reagan's Hilarious 'It's Morning In America' Commercial


[youtube expand=1]

With the United States still dragging itself out of the worst recession since the Great Depression, Ronald Reagan's 1984 campaign team came up with this awesome "It's Morning In America" theme. More people than ever were going to work, because ... there were more people in America than ever, due to population increases. Mortgage interest rates were down to about 12%, just half of what they had been ... during Reagan's first year in office.

And across this great nation, factories were closing forever and mental hospitals were shutting down due to Reagan's slashing of domestic programs and the working class that loved Reagan so much was getting poorer and dumber and meaner. America never recovered!

Anyway, we've changed the name of our morning news roundup, from "Daily Briefing" -- comfortable, yet generic -- to "It's Morning In America." Because it really is morning in America, every morning, and then later it is Afternoon In America, and Evening In America, and etc.


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