In Hopes Someone Will Pay Attention, Romney Proposes Killing Medicare
Photo by Gage Skidmore, Creative Commons license 2.0

Dull little rich boy Mitt Romney can't get Republicans to love him, becausehe loves the Wrong Jesus and also was the creator of Obamacare in Taxachusetts. The news media, meanwhile, will only write about where Herman Cain would've liked to stick his dong, and the money he paid to silence the ladies about his unseemly desires. So how can Mitt Romney get "back in the spotlight," where he's never really been except as the butt of jokes? By scaring the hell out of The Old People and proposing an end to Medicare! Oh don't worry, 99% of Americans who will require this health care -- Mitt's going to privatize it! That way, some of Mitt's favorite people (corporations) will still cash in while you die in the garbage behind the Senior Center.

The AP reports from some Tea Party event of old people:

The Republican presidential hopeful and former Massachusetts governor has released a broad plan to transform Medicare, the popular health-insurance program for the elderly. [...]
On Medicare, Romney's plan is remarkably similar to the controversial proposal released by Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan earlier in the year. Romney hasn't finalized many details, but he would offer future Medicare recipients an effective voucher to spend on private insurance or a version of the traditional program.
“The idea instead is to set the Medicare payment to provide each senior with money that they can go out use to go and buy a plan," a senior Romney adviser said before the speech.

Well this should be wildly popular with the old white people the Republicans depend upon to keep the 1% plutocrats in power. After all, it worked super-well when George W. Bush suggested a similar fuckover of Social Security, remember? Oh right, not even 9/11 could get that bullshit to smell better ....

Also while on the Eastern Seaboard, Romney decided to announce he would attack the very popular Amtrak train service that millions of people rely upon on the Eastern Seaboard. Good work, Mitt! You will make the news tonight, we bet!

[AP/WaPo / Photo by Gage Skidmore, Creative Commons license 2.0]


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