In Just A Few Hours, Scott Brown Will Be Crowned America's Most Beloved Kennedy


  • Let's all play this game in which we try to guess Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein's bonus. Won't be depressing at all. [New York Times]
  • Toyota recalled many Priuses (Prii?) because of brake problems. Although, if a car crashes and ceases to exist, can you even imagine how that will like erase its carbon footprint? [Washington Post]
  • Scott Brown's election will be certified today, which means he'll be all set to swear-in. Ted Kennedy's ghost is running out of time!! [CNN]
  • Today the House will vote on whether it's cool or not if America sinks deeper into debt. [AP]
  • John McCain is pretending to be more conservative than he actually is in order to win his Senate race, which he could lose. What he needs is sassy, fresh-faced Vice Senator at his side, a real Phoenix outsider. [The Hill]
  • January retail sales were better than expected. In other words, Americans gave some truly horrific and tasteless holiday gifts that needed exchanging immediately. [Reuters]

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