In Preparation for '08 Run, George Allen Switches from Spitting to Swallowing

"Someone's gotta go back for a shit-load of dimes!"

George Allen, being rather obsessed with a five-year-old's view of the south (and Virginia specifically) as some sort of amalgam of the West, cowboys, baseball players, and good ol' boys, chews Copenhagen like a champ, spitting wherever he damn well pleases (including, according to "Heard on the Hill," into a styrofoam cup while on the floor of the Senate).

That habit, attractive as it is to slack-jawed yokels, might not play on a national stage. So Allen, willing to slightly alter his tobacco usage if not his fetishistic obsession with racially-questionable iconography, is switching to that fancy new smokeless pouch tobac that those health-conscious-but-hedonistic Scandinavians are so into. Well, not "switching" exactly -- more like supplementing.

Anyway, we're just letting you know all this as an excuse to run that picture of him again, and to make the sophomoric joke used in the post title above. And also to insinuate without evidence that Senator Allen's accepting illegal gifts from R.J. Reynolds.

Snuff Said [Roll Call]


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