In Reality, Cheney Made the Call

Every Page's fantasy ... - WonketteWhat's creepier than Mark Foley's IMs or even Dennis Hastert's "Casual Encounters" messages?

We nominate Sam Donaldson's fantasies about Kim Jong Il and George W. Bush's late-night phone chats.

The phone call came late at night in Asia, but the recipient, who was playing a game of mahjong at the time, took it anyway.

"Kim, it's George. I'm sorry to wake you, but I need help badly."

"That's OK, George. Tell me, what's wrong?"

What follows is the most implausible paranoid bullshit we've ever seen, because Sam wants us to believe that Bush speaks in grammatically correct and logically sound paragraphs containing four or five sentences in a row without any autistic repetition, inappropriate laughter or idiotic malaprops.

North Korea and Politics 101 [ABC News]


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