In The Spirit Of Holy Week, Everybody Hates Laura Ingraham And Her Dumb Shitmouth

What boondoggle? The one your dumbass created FOR YOURSELF?

Hi! Three Laura Ingraham posts in one day! That must mean things are SLOOOOOOOOOOW in the news right now. (Not complaining, first time that's happened since 2016 we think.) We come to you with glad tidings of the FOURTH and FIFTH companies deciding they're just not that into Laura Ingraham, after she thought it would be a good idea to make fun of one of the Parkland shooting survivors on Twitter.

Rachael Ray's Nutrish dog food, TripAdvisor, and Wayfair had already canceled advertising on Ingraham's show. And now, even after Ingraham's VERY HEARTFELT APOLOGY, where she explained that "in the spirit of Holy week" (because this is the only week of the year Ingraham even feigns having a soul apparently) she was very sorry for being such a dick, which was very funny to us, because she only got "sorry" once advertisers started fleeing. And now Expedia has confirmed that it also pulled its advertising from the show, though in its statement to Huffington Post, it did not mention whether it made the move because of Ingraham's tweet about David Hogg, or whether it's just because Expedia already hated her because back in February she said LeBron James should "shut up and dribble," which is offensive because Expedia has posters of LeBron all over its bedroom wall, but Expedia forgot to cancel her shitmouth until today.

Oh yeah, Nestlé's out too, though its statement is kind of weaselly.

Hogg does not accept Ingraham's apology:

Hogg also tweetered a list compiled by Media Matters of ALL Laura Ingraham's sponsors, should you want to do BUT YOUR EMAILS to some companies.

So that is your happytimes Laura Ingraham Is Having A Very Bad Week update. Look for Fox News to be real emo the next couple of days about how their First Amendment rights have been murdered by the tyranny of some teenagers unleashing the Free Market upon them, and asking didn't the "Roseanne" revival prove that Trump Racist Trash Bag Human Lives Matter Too?

As for Ingraham, maybe this will make her call up her ex-boyfriend Dinesh D'Souza and cry a lot, because that's right, Laura Ingraham DID HETEROSEXUALS with Dinesh D'Souza, isn't that so gross? Perhaps D'Souza can D'tell her everything will be D'OK, after recounting a war story from his time as a political prisoner of Barack Obama, and she will be like "I bet I can find a way to blame this on The Blacks too!" and then they will make kissy noises into the phone at each other, because we bet they still do that all these years later. Once the phone call is over, Ingraham just might retire to her bathroom, whereupon she will say her affirmations into the mirror: "When life gives you lemons, make them THE MOST RACIST LEMONS EVER."

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