In Which Junior Briefly Attempts To Accuse Kamala Harris Of Not Being A Black Person

In Which Junior Briefly Attempts To Accuse Kamala Harris Of Not Being A Black Person

Here we go again! Kamala Harris must have scared the pants off of America's stupidest people during the debate this week, because she's managed to stir up quite the troll campaign of neo-birtherites who are now accusing her both of not being an actual black person (which she is) and of having been born in Canada (she was born in Oakland, CA)

It all started when alt-right conspiracy theorist and convicted felon (for credit card fraud and theft) Ali Alexander — formerly known as Ali Akbar/Ali Abdul Razaq Akbar — put out a tweet claiming that because Harris is half-Indian and half-Jamaican, that she is not a "real" black person.

Soon enough, Donald Trump Jr. was ON THE CASE, because woah if true.

And soon after that, perhaps after getting some helpful advice from someone, he deleted it.

Did it end there? No, it did not! Immediately, tons of troll accounts started tweeting out Ali Alexander's tweet word for word. Then others started piling on. The really fascinating thing here is all the accounts with white person avatars "denouncing" Harris for not "representing" them as African-Americans. The troll farms are good, sure, but apparently they're not good enough at organizing the accounts they own by the race of the featured avatars.

Next, they'll start claiming that Bob Marley was not, in fact, a black person. You know, unless this is a calculated attempt to attack a particular Democratic candidate in a way they think will have sway with liberal voters.

This type of bullshit all based on a strange delusion cultivated in the minds of the Trumpist Right over the last few years. They like to claim that the Left doesn't actually care what people say or stand for or advocate for, just so long as that person is not a white man. The fact that this is not actually true has resulted in a whole lot of confusion and bewilderment on their part, leading to things like Kevin Sorbo whining about feminists not loving Sarah Sanders and literally every other Republican wondering why we don't love Kellyanne Conway, and Diamond and Silk-scented attempts to cash in on the non-existent phenomenon. They cannot figure it out! I mean, they found women — black women, even! — willing to say that Trump was good and awesome, and for some unknown reason, they still can't get the left on board.

What gives! It's almost as if we actually do care what people stand for. In fact, it's almost as if we can hold two thoughts in our heads at once: that we think our government needs to be more diverse and also that the people in it should be people we agree with on policy.

Of course, this delusion is not particularly surprising coming from the same people who think Affirmative Action policies lead to "unqualified" people getting preference over qualified people. Because they simply cannot conceive of a situation in which there might be just as many people of color and white women who are qualified for things as there are qualified white men.

Anyway, that sure was gross! It is time for your open thread now though! Enjoy!

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