In Which The Kid From ‘Silver Spoons’ Berates A Costco Employee Over A Mask

In Which The Kid From ‘Silver Spoons’ Berates A Costco Employee Over A Mask

Hey! Remember the show "Silver Spoons"? I don't, actually! I do however remember various VH1 nostalgia countdown shows in which people talked about the show "Silver Spoons," so I know that it involved Carlton from "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air "(which I obviously have seen), a ride-on train and a kid named Ricky Schroder — so basically I am all caught up. Ricky Schroder is all grown up now and apparently terrible. We even talked about how he was terrible last year when he and MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell bailed out teen murderer Kyle Rittenhouse.

Well, he is back to being the worst. Yesterday, Schroder filmed his trip to Costco ... during which he harassed an unbelievably polite employee for not letting him in without a mask on. He then posted this to Facebook, clearly under the impression that he was the good guy in this situation.

While the CDC has said that vaccinated people can go out in public safely without masks on, as they are unlikely to spread the virus to others (which is the point of the masks) not all states have lifted their mandates. Additionally, given the liberal use of the term "medical tyranny" on Schroder's page, it seems highly unlikely that he has been vaccinated.

Jason, the exceptionally nice Costco employee who should definitely be given a raise, patiently explained this to Schroder who continued to throw a fit, accuse him of having not "seen the news" and demand a refund of his membership. This is probably for the best for all involved, as it will mean fewer Costco employees will be harassed by 1980s child stars grasping at relevancy.

This is not the first time Schroder has gotten in trouble for not wearing a mask. He shared a letter from JetBlue serving as a civil warning to him for his refusal to wear his mask during a flight, despite being repeatedly asked to. This incident occurred, notably, on April 27, well before the CDC's new guidance came out.

There was also some praising of Rhodesia on his Facebook page, which, uh ... is really just not the kind of thing you tend to hear from people who are not virulent white supremacists.

Let this be a lesson to all — don't give kids every toy they could ever want, including their own ride-on train sets, even fictionally, because there is a good chance they will become entitled assholes who make working people's lives a living hell and give money to mass-murdering teens.


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